Funshine AcademyはBeyondia InternationalSchool MEGUROに名称変更しました。

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Our school focuses on independence, creativity and cultivates the foundations of an international career.

Incorporating the Cambridge English Test, children will naturally develop international-mindedness through advanced English education that, by graduation, reaches the equivalent of the United States first grade elementary school-level. Furthermore, the children are engaged in cross-cultural exchange programs that explore the art and food of various countries and regions. An educational environment is in place to enhance knowledge and learning.


Being able to contribute is what SOMOS cherishes the most.

Aiming to become an International Baccalaureate accredited school from 2020, we are implementing various initiatives toward this goal. At the same time, we provide a rich childcare system that allows children to spend their days in safety and security. SOMOS also provides generous support for working parents through services such as overtime childcare.