We, SOMOS International Preschool, will change the future.

Management philosophy
To contribute to society through nurturing the next generation.

Educational philosophy

To cultivate creative human capital who can think, act and leverage (themselves) globally.
To develop human resources who can express their ideas to people with different cultural backgrounds.

Being able to contribute is what SOMOS cherishes the most.

True international education

SOMOS raises global people.
Language learning is not the only goal of international education. In addition to hands-on learning of English, we encourage children’s interest in different cultures by providing opportunities to experience arts, learn customs and try food from all over the world.
As of 2020, we are actively incorporating the IB-PYP curriculum with the aim of becoming an International Baccalaureate accredited school.

Childcare system that emphasizes safety and security

SOMOS always takes all possible measures to ensure that children can spend their time at school with a sense of security.
The facility is fully prepared for crime and disaster prevention by locking the doors and conducting evacuation drills. In addition, we endeavour to prevent injuries and accidents in daily life by allocating more daycare staff members than are stipulated by the “Supervisory Standards” in Tokyo and having a professional instructor take charge of PE (physical education) class.

Home support

SOMOS not only supports children, but also parents and families.
Most international schools have a long vacation that lasts about two months. In SOMOS, the period of closure is only a week or two. With the exception of the year-end and New Year holidays, we offer temporary childcare for applicants. We also provide overtime childcare from 8 am to 7 pm. Furthermore, since this facility is covered by the childcare fee subsidy system in Tokyo, it is possible to apply for subsidies.
※Please, inquire directly to your ward to apply for free childhood education, childcare and childrearing support subsidies.