Focus on independence, creativity and cultivating the foundations of an international career.

Independence and compassion

We work to create an environment that stimulates children’s curiosity and motivation to learn.
We will support the growth of your child according to their age and individuality. BIS Meguro also encourages children to learn proper Japanese manners and greetings through simple routines such as proper arrangement of shoes after taking them off.

English Immersion Program

Our school life, including free time, is 100% English. While being exposed to a great deal of native level English every day, your child will acquire practical English skills in a well-balanced manner. At the time of graduation, they will reach a level equivalent to the first grade of elementary school in the United States.
Our students learn the basics of Reading & Writing and practice Speaking and Listening on a daily basis. In addition, frequent presentations develop not only expressiveness but also communication skills.
Presentation examples:
Presentations in front of classmates (Show & Tell, etc.), Presentations in front of parents (Country Presentations, etc.), Presentations in front of a third party (during events such as visits to embassies).

Fostering global humans through cross-cultural exchange

Your child will learn diverse values and different cultures while practicing artistic techniques from around the world and experiencing music and folk costumes used in traditional festivals. In addition, our school provides many opportunities to cook and eat food from various countries, and encourage children’s interest in different cultures through dietary education.

Examples of cultural exchange events and activities:
Events based on collaboration with embassies (students visiting a given embassy, embassy staff visiting SOMOS, borrowing costumes, musical instruments, etc. from embassies), Country Studies

And, we will  introduce the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into the curriculum, and we will nurture children who can take the initiative, think for themselves about the world they will live in, and create their own future.