Everyday Health and a Variety of Educational Programs

In addition to learning English, various events and activities are held in SOMOS throughout the year.
To provide parents and their families many opportunities to see the learning outcomes of their children, we hold thematic events such as Sports Day (athletic event), excursions, and Christmas parties. Every 2 months we decide on a country theme and learn about food, music, festivals, etc. from that country. Occasionally, as an opportunity to directly learn about and interact with the culture of the theme country, we will visit its embassy.

Class Organization

SOMOS organizes programs and activities according to the age and English level of the children.

Daily Classes
Classes based on students’ age group.
Penguin: 1 year old and 5 months to
Dolphin: 2 years old
Orca1: 3 years old
Orca2: 4 years old
Orca3: 5 years old

English Classes
10:00~11:30- classes based on students’ level of English.
Our students are assigned into groups based not on their age, but on their level of English.
Pre Advance

Daily schedule

Time Penguin・Dolphin Class Orca Class
9:00 Arrive at School Arrive at School
9:30 Circle Time(Activity) Circle Time(Activity)
10:00 English Class(For Each Level) English Class(For Each Level)
11:30 Lunch English Conversation、Presentation
12:30 Afternoon Nap Lunch、Nap&Quiet Time
14:45 Snack Snack
15:00 Outside Walk, Physical Education Outside Walk, Physical Education
17:00 Circle Time(Activity) Circle Time(Activity)
17:15 Pickup Pickup