As times are changing and with an overwhelming amount of conflicting information floating around, you may be wondering what kind of education your child should receive.

Our school offers a diverse curriculum full of various events, such as dance lessons, gymnastics and many other activities like art, level-divided English activities and Show and Tell presentations in front of friends- all so that your child can experience a wealth of different endeavours until they are able to find what they are passionate about.
We have a “Country Day,” in which the children learn the fun and difficulties of giving presentations (about countries learnt at school during their international cultural studies) in front of their families. We also host a Sports Day, where they become familiar with the importance of cooperating with friends through competition, the joy of winning and the bitterness of defeat.

Children in BIS Meguro are not afraid of being different from others because, by interacting with teachers of different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis, they learn that not everyone is the same, and that is beautiful.

Through such experiences, we do our best to raise our students in an environment where it is easy to understand, accept and express one’s feelings, develop empathy towards others and grow to be kind, responsible citizens.

At BIS Meguro, we aim to provide education tailored to each child, through which both parents and children can enjoy and reflect upon the ever-changing emotions and experiences of each new day.
It would be a great pleasure for us to have your child discover their interests at BIS Meguro.

Beyondia International School Meguro
Principal Asuka Sekine